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The knowledge gained over 234 years of experience* during Microsoft Dynamics 365/AX implementations for significant companies in Poland and Europe allows us to point out the seven most common mistakes made during the implementations of these systems.

Today we present them to you so you can avoid them in your company if you are okay.

* The sum of years of experience of all specialists working with Microsoft Dynamics 365/AX.


made in implementations

ERP Microsoft Dynamics 365

Learn about the fundamental mistakes we've identified during our 20+ years working with Microsoft ERP systems.

Find out what to avoid when implementing Microsoft Dynamics 365 in your organization! How do we know?

Nearly 100 implementations completed

For companies such as X-kom, Oknoplast, or Ecco

234 years of experience*

*total experience of all specialists working with Microsoft Dynamics 365/AX.

International experience

Projects carried out in Europe and the US.

Why is this knowledge so unique?

Because it comes from practitioners, and passionate ones at that, a team of INLOGICA programmers and consultants, who have gained experience during projects related to the implementation and support of Microsoft software in many European countries and the USA, share their knowledge with you.

They worked, among others, for companies from Denmark, Germany, Switzerland, and Poland, each time adapting the introduced solutions to the local specifics and individual needs of Customers.

They have carried out projects for companies involved in, among others, distribution, production of protective packaging, trading and distribution of electricity, production of bathroom equipment, production of building materials, hotel industry, and bicycle production.

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