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We have implemented ERP systems for businesses of many sizes – ranging from 30-person teams to proper giants, like X-kom.

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All project preparation, project-related reporting and settlements are free of charge – they are on the house.

Business Central from EUR 9900
Is this even possible?

Of course it is! We have tried and tested it – in practice. We have successfully completed numerous Microsoft Dynamics Business Central implementations within a time frame of 6 to 8 weeks at many organisations. So, you will receive a ready-to-use system within that period, too!

Our work methodology and scheduling are based on the functionalities and reliable data from the Finance and Accounting module. This could easily serve as a springboard for extending the system by warehouse, production or project management!

We will also help you select other tools from Microsoft’s business product range to streamline your team’s everyday work.

These are the details!

You will get:

Process Analysis

By understanding how your business works, we are able to design our solution in such a way as to make the work of your finance and commercial departments more efficient.

Finance Module

We will prepare the proposed chart of accounts, financial dimensions, general ledger, posting groups, and many more parameters, such as: taxes, currencies, number sequences.

Sales & Purchasing Module

Business Central makes it possible to manage all the key processes in one place, from customer enquiry via order placement to invoice settlement.

Cash Management Module

Bank account settings, budget preparation, cash flow forecasts, financial reports in several clicks.

Tests and Verification of Settings

Once configured, the environments are handed over to their users for them to test and verify the settings.

Training Workshops

The INLOGICA team will prepare the users for working with the Business Central system.

Stage 1 – Licensing and Onboarding

At this stage, we will prepare at no cost: the licensing scenario, the proposed implementation schedule, provide tools for communication and reporting of the conducted works, and we will generate the necessary contract documents.

The total preparation before the start of the project, all project-related reporting and settlements are free of charge to you – they are on the house.

immediate start of work

full process control

validated project management methodology

Stage 2 – Installation and Configuration of the Working Environment

After signing the contract, we will create production and test versions of the working environment. The test tiers have identical configurations as the production environment, which makes it possible to verify the correctness of system work prior to applying any modifications to the production environment. You do not have to worry about data loss or disruption to your work at any time.

on-going support from the system administrator

environments which guarantee continuity of work

system always up to date

Stage 3 – Implementation of the Solution

We will get to understand your business processes in order to be able to start installing and configuring the environment in a well organised and structured way. We will gather data on, among others: the chart of accounts, vendors, customers, product cards, services and VAT guidelines. That information will be used by us to start configuring the Business Central system for you. We will hand over modules that are ready to use: Finance, Sales and Purchasing, Cash Management. All the functionalities are customised to comply with the requirements of Polish law.

The developed environment is handed over to you to try and test the system for yourself. Throughout that time, you are welcome to use the availability of our consultants, who will answer all your questions and dispel any doubts. They will also be happy to share their knowledge with the end users by conducting training workshops in any form: stationary or online.

updates keeping up with Polish legislation

personalised solution

system configured and ready to work

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